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Samara  Costa Rica
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Costa Rica top off peak destination

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Medical tourism

We have experienced using the medical/dental system in Costa Rica and found it to be a wonderful experience. Our doctor is English speaking and has trained in the US. His office is modern with modern equipment. We have had physicals complete with ekg and all blood work. No waiting...results back the next day.

We have been to his office when he is busier and have had to wait a bit, but significantly less than here at home.

His office also has two hospital beds. Emergency equipment, defibrillator. Etc.

This last trip we also made a visit to the dentist. Modern equipment, procedures and supplies. The costs are significantly lower than at home. For example large molar $50.00.

Here at home we have an ego centric view of many things. We think our things are the best and most modern because we are here.  The fact is many places in the world are modern and modern techniques. We just need to be open to new ideas and experiences.

If your interested in medical tourism and its not an emergency I would suggest a trip prior so you can become familiar and comfortable. On my next trip I intend to start the process for dental implants. For being a sissy in the dental chair, I'm quite comfortable with my dentist in CR and I'm excited to go back and get started. I believe that will be in January...I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't wait in line to pay departure tax at the airport in Costa Rica

Don't wait till you get to the airport to pay your departure tax. Take your passport to the BCR bank and you can pay the tax in a few minutes. You can purchase anytime at your leisure. This will save you lines and time at the airport when you are checking in for your flight home.

Best Beach View in the World

Monday, July 15, 2013

Costa Rica On the Road to Samara Review of LaRoca Restaurant

Tempe has literally traveled much of the world. Tempe has traveled to England, Scotland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Grenada, Tobago, Canada, US, and Costa Rica to name a few.
Recently, Tempe spent a month in CR with one of our guests.  This review is one of many upcoming Tempe Tips!
On the road from Nicoya to Samara it is a pleasant drive and adventure. As you near Samara and it gets a bit hilly you will discover LaRoca restaurant on your left.
La Roca is one of many of CR's roadside restaurants.  The difference is the gorgeous vista as you sit on the open veranda.  Whether it is dry season or rainy season the vista is beautiful. La Roca has typical CR foods including smoothies. Not ready to eat?  Just stop in for a bottled water or soda and enjoy the view.
Secret Tip: As you sit on the veranda look to the bottom right of the canyon. You will see a beautiful waterfall.  Double secret tip:  turn right out of La Roca just a few blocks down the road. You will see a fenced open field with a dirt road on your right.  Follow that road to the waterfall.  If it is rainy season park and walk so you don't take the risk of getting stuck. Been there....done that!
Have fun! 

Our New Video Published on Google Alerts!!!

Our new video for your enjoyment and relaxation....Experience first hand the sounds and view of Samara Bay.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Southwest Airlines goes global

If you've ever flown Southwest you know how they differ in customer service and cost.  Living in a Delta hub makes it expensive to fly,  but Southwest is close.  My understanding in 2015 flights Houston to Liberia. .. can't wait.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Samara Sunrise

Samara faces the Pacific so the sunrise may not be as dramatic as the carribean side, but still beautiful. Sunrise brings wonderment to Samara as nature abounds here.  Upon arising you discover that just as the sun rises and falls the ocean keeps rolling toward shore.

This morning nature abounds as Samara received some much needed rain last night. The Howler Monkeys must be happy as they have been very active this morning.

Even though this has been a dry year for Samara, because of its micro climate it is not as dry looking as the northern areas of Tamarindo closer to the airport. During the Summer months of CR January through May these areas up there are golden which is why it is called the gold coast.  Samara has some vegetation that is not so evergreen, but on the whole is extremely green compared to the gold coast.

Even when it rains in Samara it is usually late afternoon and evening. Yesterdays rain started about 4:30pm.  We were at Gustos and had just packed up to leave the beach for the afternoon. It was perfect timing for us.

On the way home we had time to stop by and see Dr. Freddy Soto. He is the doctor here in Samara. A wonderful doctor and takes alot of time with you. We had physicals last time we were here and all of our blood work. The lab results were back the next day and we stopped by to meet with him and got all the results, the next day!  This time I needed to meet with him about issues I have with pain in my hands. What could take weeks at home to get the appointment, xrays, etc was taken care of in about 30 minutes with a cortisone shot in each hand. Today they seem almost pain free;)

This morning we have some housekeeping chores with a trip tp ICE (eeecee) the power company, phone company etc. and to the Bank.  This afternoon a trip to Nicoya is planned as the woodworker will have my cabinet finished. We also have to pay the taxes. Never fun no matter what the country.

This weekend we are traveling to Ricon de Viejo.  I am excited. We have been to Tabacon which I love, but this area has blue water. Sounds beautiful. So for now...PURA VIDA!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today I am sitting on the Balcony of the Condo looking at beautiful Samara Bay, listening to the waves crash to shore and watching birds glide overhead. It is a bit cool morning in Samara, but a welcome to the near 95 degree afternoons.

Yesterday we traveled to the Airport in Liberia to pick up our daughter. My husband decided it would be great to go into Liberia to see if he could talk to a dentist. He learned even in CR you need an

So a quick turn around we were back on our way to Samara. We needed a few supplies and stopped at the Do It Center just south of the Airport. This was a great stop because they had some new beach items. I was unable to purchase scotchguard for the neighbors to use on their new couch.

Next stop was to the woodworker. Costa Rica by far has the most beautiful wood and their craftsmen turn it into such gorgeous pieces. Last year I purchased a dresser for the condo. This year we are looking to have a kitchen island made.  I was so happy to find a craftsman to make it for me and it will be ready Sabado...Saturday!

The trip back continued, but not without a stop to the bakery in Nicoya. This bakery is across the street from the Super Combo grocery store. They have fabulous items and ice cream. Parking is the biggest challenge here and yesterday Nicoya seemed to be busier than ever.

I let the crew out because of the parking and circled to pick them up.  I had a bit of a problem because of some of the NO Hay Paso streets.  One Way!  I finally navigated my way back, picked up the crew and pastries and we continued our way to Samara.

On the way from Samara just past the T in the road by the football field sets a woman on a chair. She is here everyday. She sits there and sells Tamales. We call her the Tamale Woman!  They are good and authentic.  2000 colones or about 4 dollars for 6.  A great deal for a meal for three people.  She wraps them in banana leaves. This is just about as close as you will get to a drive through in these parts of CR.

Dinner was made and we finally made it to the condo in time for a sunset swim, we tucked the ocean in for the night and feasted on tamales.

I love it here and hope for the day that I can be here for longer times and even more memories. PURA VIDA!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Samara waits for Carters visit

Carter was welcomed on January 10, 2013 at 22.5 inches long and 8.18 pounds. Our first grandchild. Won't be long till he is hitting the beach...sand bucket in hand. Seems like only yesterday our daughter was playing in the sand. Mom and baby are doing wonderfully!