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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Learn Spanish while in Samara

I want to learn Spanish in Central and South America. Any advice? - The Globe and Mail

Samara has a renown program to study Spanish while your on vacation. Classes are scheduled with the tide to allow for the most beach fun. No real need to plan in advance. You can pay when you get there. Whether you know a little Spanish or allot they will asses your skills and build from there. See my  for the link and more information about Samara.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Beach View in the World...Samara Costa Rica

Just mention Costa Rica and it conjures up conversations of rain forests, beaches, and adventure!  Certainly, there are many places to explore in Costa Rica, but none more diverse and more centralized than Playa Samara in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica.

There are many areas that are popular for tourists to travel.  If you are in the mood to discover the capital city and learn about some of the history of Costa Rica you are going to want to spend a day or two in San Jose.  If you decide to fly into San Jose depending upon your departure city you may decide to stay the night before traveling to your destination in Costa Rica or you may decide to go back a day early if you have a very early flight home the next day.  If you are anxious to get to other parts of Costa Rica then you can see San Jose on one of these days.

Much is published about the southern zone and the new southern highway.  The southern zone is beautiful.  There is more rain and more humidity.  If your time in Costa Rica allows this is an area that should be seen.  Personally, I loved traveling through this area and we went down there to specifically look at the developments particularly Osa Mountain Village.

The Osa concept is wonderful and I respect what they are doing there. Our reason for not buying there is that we wanted a closer ocean view and the increased rain in this area.  If you are down in that area I encourage you to stop in there or you can even book a stay in one of the homes they have available.  They operate a zipline which has wonderful views and you are definately up in the canopy!

Beaches in Costa Rica are plentiful.  It is an adventure to discover the beaches and experience the beauty of nature.  You really have to be careful anytime you are enjoying the water anywhere in the world including your family pool.  But in many parts of Costa Rica you have to be especially careful because what makes good surfing also makes for rip tides and strong currents.

Many seek the beaches to the northern area of Guanacaste. These are beautiful beaches and there are a few areas that do not have the strong tides.  This area of Coco Beach, Ocatal, Tamarindo and Flamingo beach are much more developed because world travelers have been coming to these areas for a long time.  The biggest advantage is the proximity to the airport in Liberia (probably about 20-25 minutes).  If you want the all inclusive experience then this area is going to have what you are looking for.  However, if you share the view that an all inclusive is just about the same resort experience no matter the country, then you may want to consider traveling about another hour south to the town of Playa Samara.

Those who have found Samara consider it a found jewel.  Playa Samara has a beautiful crescent bay that is somewhat protected by the reef.  This makes for good surfing when the tide comes in and good swimming when the tide is out making Samara a much safer water experience because rip tides are less prevelent.

If Samara is not beautiful enough for you, her neighbor is Carillo Beach which is tree lined with palm trees that will allow you to take picture perfect postcards that no one will believe that you took with your own camera or phone.  Carillo Beach is much less inhabited and the places to stay are much more remote than Playa Samara, but you are not going to want to miss experiencing Carillo Beach.

Samara is a jewel to be discovered.  This quaint village boasts world class restaurants right on the beach. You can enjoy any meal right on the beach and walk back to the condo during the moonlit night after dinner if you so desire.

There is just about anything that you need within the village of Samara.  Shops, two banks, pharmacies, bakeries, grocery stores, medical care are all within the few blocks of the village.  This last trip we met Dr. Soto who is the local doctor in Samara.  Dr. Soto speaks perfect english and studied in Costa Rica and Miami.  We were able to get full physicals in his office complete with all blood work and EKG.  It is apparent that he cares for his patients and takes time to get to know you and address any medical questions that you may have along with providing any treatment that you may need.

There are several grocery stores in Samara. The largest is Pali.  Interestingly Pali and Maxi Pali in Nicoya are both owned by WalMart!  There are several other local mom and pop grocery stores as well. You will find local foods and many things you are used to buying at home. The better wine selection is at the grocery store down from Gustos under the Internet Cafe.

As to Internet Cafe's, we have internet available in the condo, but sometimes you may need to print something etc.  I much prefer the one above the store near the beach than the one in the one tourist information building or the one above the Pizza restaurant in town.  The one above the store is much more comfortable and not so loud if people are using Skype. The one above the Pizza restaurant is extremely small and the one in the tourist information building doesn't have as good of working equipment. (in my opinion).

As to experiencing all that Costa Rica offers you can experience this from Samara.  Stop in the Samara Info Center (next to the Laundry) and they can set you up with any tours that you would like or any other information that you need for your trip.  Within in a very short drive you can discover waterfalls, there is a canopy tour in Samara, snorkeling, diving, fishing and just about anything you want to do.

Don't worry about your Espanol.  You will do fine with just about everything you need with hola and gracias.  However, if you need to go to the hardware store travel to the one just out of town by the gas station as they have an english speaking person in there that is extremely helpful and very courteous.  The pharmacy has someone there that speaks english for your convenience, although she sometimes has a day off.

If you want to brush up on your spanish or if you know NADA then you can drop into the Spanish School in Samara and sign in for classes.  The instructors will assess what skills you have and you can sign up for classes that day.  You will see the sign to turn down to the beach where the school is past Pali on the left just past the in town hardware store.

There are many places to stay in Samara.  The choices range from hotel rooms, condos with great views, condos with not the best view or none, and homes to rent. Depending on your budget you can choose from many options.

The hotels are on the beach and in town.  The hotels are more old US style with outside entrances.  You may or may not be comfortable with the amenities in these units, but rest assured Samara is very safe.  The ones on the beach are nice because you can just walk out your room to the beach, but you will not have as much privacy and really not as good of a view as if you are up a bit to see the bay.

You will find quite a few houses that are rentals and they are higher priced than the hotels or condos in general.  You may find one or two on the beach, but you have to understand that you are in Costa Rica and some of these may not have the amenities you desire.  The others are high on the hill and will have a wonderful amazing view, but will NOT be walking distance to the beach unless you are in good shape and I will add to that young legs as the hills are very steep and they are not close even though they will say they are on their listings.

As far as condos go there are not as many in Samara that have an amazing view of the beach.  At the north end of town you will find a building or two that rents condos that look very big in the pictures, but I have been told by those who have rented that they are not as large as they expected.  They are close to the beach at that end of town, but it is quite a walk into town to the store or to shop or go to restaurants. 

This goes for Carillo Beach as well. There are many that boast they are walking distance to the beach, etc. They are not.  Call me a lazy tourist, but when I see a listing that says walking distance to the beach or some other destination, I want it to be close.  I have been on many trips when someone will say..."just a 10 minute walk"  and it is thirty.  If you rent a car this won't be such an issue, but renting a car can be an expensive proposition in Costa Rica and many opt to take a taxi from Liberia Airport and forego the rental car.  If you ride the taxi or shuttle and decide you want a car for a couple days there is an Alamo in town.

By far the best condominium project for proximity to the beach and view is Veneto Condominiums. Veneto boasts 17 units.  Of these units only there are only three currently being rented with balconys.  Sitting on the balcony at Veneto allows you to see and hear the surf while enjoying the AMAZING view of Samara Bay!  There is an infinity pool to enjoy as well and if you stay in one of the condos with a balcony you will park right by your door.

Veneto has 24/7 security and is a gated community.  There is no doubt that almost everyone considers this property the best view in Samara and the closest to the beach as well.  It is less than 5 minute walk down to the beach. (this is real time...probably only three minutes) and in less than ten minute walk you can be sitting any any restaurant or shopping for groceries.

One thing is for sure once you experience Samara and Veneto you will be planning your next trip back down to both before you leave!

If you are interested in staying in this property click the VRBO links to the right on this blog...thanks...PURA VIDA!

YOU GO....YOGA!....Celebrate Yoga in Samara!

Are you a Yoga lover?  Do you just want to try out Yoga for the first time?  Samara has many places that you can go for your practice whether on or off the beach.  There is nothing better than Yoga by the sea on the beach in my opinion.  For a total list of activities go to....

Spend winter in CR in study abroad classes

Pasadena Now » Study Abroad in Costa Rica Offered for Winter 2013 | Latest Pasadena News -

Check out the Samara school on the links to the right. You can work on your Spanish and hit the beach on the same day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

La Roca

About three miles out of Samara toward Nicoya is La Roca....great stop to grab breakfast or any other meal. Spectacular view.  Here tipico breakfast.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Samara Costa Rica - Our winter is in full swing in Samara.  For those who think the green season is a bad time to come to CR you need to forget the hype of the dry season and come on down to CR.  The green season during this time of year means that a few days a week it rains late afternoon or maybe at night. Your asleep anyway!!!  It is green and the animals are out in full swing. This trip by the condo we were less than 10 feet from a troop of monkeys that had babies!  It was a wonderful experience.  More pictures later.

The suft is great also this time of year when the tide is on its way in. If you love surfing grab a surfboard via rental or use one of the boogie boards from the condo and jump in...the water is warm and the fun is MAXIMO!  (don't forget the sunscreen)