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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Samara-Costa Rica Guardian Angel


Samara has many meanings. The origin like many names is Hebrew and is a feminine name meaning guardian, ruled by God, and Watch Mountain to name a few.  There are several areas of the world with the name Samara, but perhaps none justifies its name more than Samara Costa Rica.

Samara, Costa Rica is located in the provence of Guanacaste which is in the northwest portion of the country about 4 hours from the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica.  Driving to Samara from San Jose is an easy drive with the exception of the traffice as the road to Highway 1 is one of the main arteries of the country.  Once off Highway 1 the drive to Samara through Nicoya is not near as busy and one passes many country towns along the way. Once over the Friendship Bridge you are about half way to Samara from San Jose.

When you arrive in Nicoya it is a good idea to stop for supplies and groceries.  Samara has grocery stores, banks, hardware stores etc., but the stores in Nicoya are much larger and have a wider variety to choose from.  The grocery store that I prefer is currently operating under the name Maxi Pali (owned by WalMart).  If you are coming in from San Jose it is just past the turn toward Nicoya on the Right. If you are coming from Liberia it is just before the turn to the left.

The best treat in Nicoya is the bakery.  The bakery is just across the grocery store in town on the right.  Parking is a premium in Nicoya and the town is always busy with people driving through, walking and shopping.

Once through Nicoya you will see the terrain changes and you are in more hills.  In the green season the hills are alive with Jungle foilage.  In the dry season you can definately taste and feel the difference in the climate and the foilage looks dry.  In some areas you will see only the golden color of a dry burnt landscape.  A little more than halfway to Samara you will pass a roadside restaurant called La Rock on the left.  They have a beautiful view so stop for a bit, get a soda and enjoy the vast view. 

You will know that you are getting closer to Samara when you pass the gas station and Ferreteria (hardware store) on the left.  Travel over the one lane bridge and you will discover the beauty that will unfold before you which is Samara Bay.

Samara is a small town of about 1500 residents plus those of us who discover her and must pass through on our life's adventure.  The guardian of Samara is the coral reef that stretches out to protect Samara from the roughest ocean waves to make Samara Beach the Best Beach in Costa Rica.

Samara beach heralds surfers during parts of the day and swimmers other parts of the day depending on the tides.  Samara is not known for the undertow and rip tide currents that the rest of pacific Costa Rica is known making it a great beach for families and those who want to swim or just bob in the warm ocean waters.

A look back to shore will show you the watch mountain as you will be able to see many homes and condos that call Samara home.  One such condominium development is Veneto.  Veneto has 17 condominiums that include two penthouses.  One penthouse is two stories high. The infinity pool is a highlight as you can swim and float in the pool as you watch the waves and enjoy the sunsets.

Veneto is a jewel of the condominium projects in Samara as you will have the best view of the drop dead gorgeous Samara Bay.  While staying in Veneto you will not only see the surf, but you will hear the surf day or night.  One of the best things about the experience at Veneto is that it is so relaxing there because all you can see from your window is the treetops of town and the surf, beach and ocean.  You will feel a world away all while only steps away from the beach and a very short walk to any of the world class restaurants in Samara.

I have heard some tell me they were told that the food in CR is not good.  This is far from the truth in Samara.  Samara has the best Italian food this side of Italy...whether you want to say east of Italy or West of Italy.  Many Italians call Samara home which makes for the authentic Italian food including home made pasta and fresh mozarella. In fact I have not had a bad meal in Costa Rica.  Whether in Samara, Liberia, Arenal, San Jose, Jaco, Osa or more.  The food has always been authentic and delicious.  On the way to Samara on Highway 1 stop at the Mounteverde Restaurant on the left side of the road.  They are so friendly and gracious and the food is supurb!

While in Samara you can discover just about all Costa Rica has to offer from zip line canopy tours to deep sea fishing and snorkeling.  Want a romantic evening...walk back to Veneto on the beach under the full moon or take a ride during the day on horseback through the waves on the beach.  There are day tours from Samara to other parts of Costa Rica so you can experience just about anything your heart desires all from your stay centered in Samara.

While in Samara don't miss driving down to Carillo Beach to what I would call the South and Nosara to the North. Stay tuned to this blog as I will send you more important tips on travel to Costa Rica and the quaint beach town of Samara....maybe Samara is your guardian angel....I know I have found mine in Samara.

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